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The Change Map

Ecologist_revolution.jpgTowards the Sustainable Economy – An Alignment of Change Projects Around the World.

We have developed a preliminary map of key change projects – based on our initial analysis of the strategies we believe will be required to deliver the necessary range of systemic shifts.  Each change project is aligned with a cluster of initiatives that are already happening, in various parts of the world.

By mapping out these projects and initiatives, and joining up all the dots, it can help us look beyond present-day constraints and get a big-picture sense of what could be.

Of course, this view is by no means a done deal.  We simply create a preliminary Change Map to help set the ball rolling.

More work is now required, to help people and businesses find a workable and sustainable transition.  But, the innovations and shifts taking place around the world do provide much encouragement.

This is our inspiration – moving into the second phase of the Sustainable Economy Project – as we seek to encourage widespread and active participation, to help accelerate the tipping point in the transition towards a sustainable economy.

We now invite everyone to get engaged, to review and co-create a complete and robust agenda for change.  Are these the right change projects? Have we missed anything?  Perhaps your work is already represented here? Perhaps it is not?  

Since publication of A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0, a further 50+ initiatives have come to light – these will be carried forward to a second edition.  Please help us – please share anything you think we have missed – add a comment and a link to your change initiatives, and help co-create a transition plan that will deliver a sustainable economy; fit-for-purpose in meeting the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century.




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This is an intelligent way of doing things. Indeed, we could even develop something akin to the Universal Debating Project