Finding a pathway towards an economy within which businesses, people and planet can thrive and prosper

Why the Sustainable Economy Project

Clean-slate_Web-Logo.gifWe went in search of Capitalism 2.0, but found so much more...

As we find in our Paper, A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0, it is unlikely that incremental tweaks to the current system will deliver a sustainable economy – a more radical paradigm shift will be required. 

We also need a new model for change – with less emphasis on conflict, or attacking the old system – but more engaged with peaceful participation in making a credible, vibrant and attractive new system become a workable and enjoyable reality. 

And we cannot wait for our political leaders – we, the people, need to become the change we want to see.  We need to collaborate and move forward in a coherent way, in developing a new model.  And so we recognise a need to create an authentic, bottom-up campaign to build on and join-up all the great initiatives out there, and to help identify and drive further changes.

This will mean co-creation – working together and technology enabled – to collaborate in the design process, create all the pieces in a global jigsaw puzzle, develop and influence a series of projects for change, and then ultimately migrate towards the new model.

The change agenda developed through our Paper is only a starting point – we need to start again – together, and right at the beginning.  Be the change, means co-creating a new way.  Take the first step with us, read the Paper A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0 and join The Debate...


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I’m behind your thinking here guys. #CountMeIn